How We Do? What We Do?

How do we rank profiles?

Our AI based ranking algorithm analyses thousands of profiles dynamically for ranking and takes care of all the complexity in choosing a right service provider for your next project. Our unique ranking logic ranks service provider profiles based on their ability to deliver and stability. We are using multiple parameters to form a signal and currently we have more than 14 signals to rank each profile. This will ensure you won’t miss any important factors to be considered while choosing your next service partner. Authentic reviews, portfolio analysis, profile verification, market presence, trust parameters are some of the signals that we are using to rank profiles. We are constantly updating our ranking algorithm by adding new and updating existing signals based emerging market trends and other factors to be considered.

Every profile will have multiple ranks based on their area of expertise and category selected. This will help you to compare and analyse performance of every service provider at different categories.

Our ranking is a comprehensive single parameter that you can trust. Our data-driven ranking algorithm uses various parameters to rank service providers for their stability, ability to deliver, and reliability. We apply all measures to ensure the quality of data from where we derive our raining parameters. As we are a team of industrial experts, our unique ranking algorithm is authentic and trustable to use.

How do we measure ability to deliver?

Our internal algorithm distinguishes groups and rates various key performance indicators (KPI), which is specific for the ability to deliver as this is the lifeblood of almost every project. We measure, weigh and value specific parameters that can get us to know about the ability to deliver. No negation that different companies have their own different criteria for measuring the quality of a service provider. But the ranking that PM Republic uses is based upon some common parameters that most of the business entities look into while considering a partnership.

How do we measure stability?

The stability of service providers is one of the key factors to be considered during service provider evaluation. Our system algorithm uses various stability-specific signals to give you confidence for your long-term partnership. No single metric can identify the overall financial and operational health of a company. It is a combination of various factors like company’s liquidity, solvency, operating efficiency etc. We are constantly evaluating these factors and making parameter changes in our ranking algorithm which calculate service providers stability. This is one of the factors that you may miss during company evaluation but an important factor to be considered.